👋Hi there!

Sorry for the look 👻

Hi, I’m Mohamed Natheem, an SEO Analyst working for RadicalStart.

I help businesses acquire targeted traffic [that converts] to their website.

I've spent these early stages of my career learning core SEO concepts and other key digital marketing strategies like,

  • Content marketing
  • Content writing [Have a look - natheemscreative.com]
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Website development using WordPress
  • Posters and social media post designs, etc.

I've been doing SEO for a while and love 😍 what I'm doing.

I love learning and implementation.

Currently learning to conquer 'Technical SEO' and will do it for sure.

At RadicalStart [the place that taught me everything], I ranked and increased the organic traffic of key product/money pages.

Out of the office, you’ll find me listening to music, dreaming of hiking, and writing for my website.

Wanna talk? Reach out to me at mohamed@natheemscreative.com.

Connect 🤝 with me on,