LinkedIn SEO: How to optimize your LinkedIn profile [2021]

Want to build your personal brand and get more exposure to your LinkedIn profile? Get started with these LinkedIn SEO tips to stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn SEO: How to optimize your LinkedIn profile [2021]

With over 756+ Million members, LinkedIn is one of the preeminent social networks in the world.

And it is one of the 5 sites that Google indexes frequently.

To make your profile stand out from the crowd, you need to consider optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO.

But how can you do that? Isn't SEO only for websites?

A big NO!

Here are some of the crucial LinkedIn SEO tips that you can use to optimize your profile to get maximum exposure.

Let's get started.

1. Using Keywords on your LinkedIn profile

Keywords play a major role in SEO. TBH, it is the foremost thing to consider when doing SEO.

Keywords are the topics for which you should be known. For example, when you think of Aleyda, we SEO community knows her as an International SEO expert on LinkedIn, right?


In Aleyda's case, International SEO consultant is the keyword.

So find a topic you would like to be known for and optimize around it.

After choosing your keyword, place it throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Some important places to include the keyword,

  • Title and About section
  • Job title
  • Work history
  • Recommendation section [If possible]

2. Write captivating profile content

Create a compelling copy for your LinkedIn profile's headline, about, and experience sections.


Source: Debora's LinkedIn

Write LinkedIn SEO content copy as you would write for your website.

Keep your potential audience in mind when creating your profile content.

The most important part of your LinkedIn profile is your 'About' section. This is where your profile visitors go to learn more about you and your services.

Explain a bit about you and go further about what your target audience needs.

Also, show off your accomplishments in your experience section, which could help you gain trust.

3. LinkedIn profile aesthetics

Design plays an important role in SEO - even if it's a website or your LinkedIn profile.

Having a clear headshot and the cover photo helps you stand out from the crowd.

Have consistent brand colors throughout your profile photo, cover image, featured sections, etc.

Try to include your services and CTA on your cover image to encourage your LinkedIn profile visitors to take action.

4. Craft your LinkedIn URL for SEO

Most LinkedIn users do not consider customizing their profile URLs. Having a vague profile URL doesn't help your users or search engines. Then why use it?

Customize your LinkedIn profile URL to include your keyword and also be as short as possible.

Here's an example of custom profile URL of Liam, a technical SEO expert,


5. Network effectively

The main purpose of using LinkedIn is to network with other industry professionals out there.

But don't try to network with everyone.

Who do you wanna help? Who might find your services helpful? - these are some of the questions that you can answer while choosing your target audience.

5 LinkedIn networking tips,

  • Understand your target audience [TG] and connect with them. For example, if you offer SEO services to Lawyers in and around San Fransisco, then connect only with lawyers from that area [atleast for the first 5000 followers].
  • Learn more about a person before connecting with them.
  • Connect with like-minded or members within your industry.
  • Send a personalized pitch to connect.
  • Engage with your connections.

This way, the LinkedIn algorithm would know who you are and show your content to other relevant connections.

Backlinks are links from one website to another. Backlinks are crucial for SEO as they signal search engines that your content is resourceful.

You can link to your LinkedIn profile from your own blog or from guest post sites to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

The more profile visits you have, there will be more engagement and better profile scores.

7. Publish more quality content

Quality supersedes quantity.

Content plays a major role in driving traffic and boost your authority on the platform.

Creating quality and targeted content is the best LinkedIn SEO tip that I got.

If you're trying to build a personal brand, try posting valuable tips and your personal story.

But as like every SEO campaign, creating a personal brand takes time.

You have to patient and learn from your mistakes.

Here are some of the best content ideas,

  • Personal stories
  • Case studies
  • Industry trending topics
  • Quick tips

8. Get recommendations

As said earlier, LinkedIn SEO is more or less similar to other SEO strategies.

Having strong social proof helps increase your conversion rate.

Displaying recommendations and skills helps you gain trust among your potential audience.


And they may convert into clients.

Pro-tip: You could also have your LinkedIn SEO keywords in here. More naturally, your recommendations would include the work you do.

Get found:

LinkedIn is a great platform to build both your personal brand and business.

It helps you build credibility, network, and even a genuine tribe for your business.

Try to apply all the above said LinkedIn SEO tips to get found by your target audience.

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