20 Top SEO Experts That You Should Follow On LinkedIn [2021]

Here's the list of best SEO experts on LinkedIn who can help you enhance and grow your SEO skills.

20 Top SEO Experts That You Should Follow On LinkedIn [2021]

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms that are still in use. And it has 756 million members in 200 countries. Source

SEO practitioners love to create and consume content on LinkedIn.

In fact, LinkedIn saw a 60% increase in content creation in the year 2020.

And many SEO specialists began posting valuable content on LinkedIn that helps beginners to learn and apply SEO.

How I curated this list of SEO experts on LinkedIn?

This list has been created with SEO beginners and continuous learners in mind.

The SEO experts in this list,

  1. Create and post content on LinkedIn.
  2. Actively participate in SEO-related activities.
  3. Share their knowledge without hesitation.
  4. And they are my personal favorites. [Coz, I learned a lot about SEO from them]

No offense to those who aren't listed in this article.

If you're not listed that's because I haven't found you yet.

With that said, let's get on to the list of top 20 SEO experts on LinkedIn [2021].

In no particular order!

1. Barry Schwartz


Barry is the president of RustyBrick, Inc, and editor of Search Engine Roundtable [A go-to place for SEOs]

He talks, talks, and talks about Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, and the nightmare - Google Algorithms.

You can find Barry here. [Also at Search Engine Roundtable]

2. Areej AbuAli


Areej is the Founder of 'Women in Tech SEO' and Head of SEO at Papier.

She likes to write about technical SEO and women empowerment. I've been following her since I started my SEO career.

I can proudly say she's a technical SEO expert.

You can find Areej on LinkedIn.

3. Aleyda Solís


When I think of Aleyda, I think of her 'LearningSEO' website and her SEOFOMO newsletter.

The way she curated free SEO resources around the internet into one simple roadmap amazed me.

Aleyda Solis is an International SEO Consultant and writes everything about SEO.

Follow Aleyda on LinkedIn.

4. Craig Campbell


Craig has been in the SEO industry for over 18 years.

He's a Glasgow-based SEO expert and Trainer at Craig Campbell SEO.

Follow Craig on LinkedIn.

5. Tim Soulo


Tim Soulo is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ahrefs [You know what Ahrefs is].

He shares his knowledge about data-driven SEO strategies on Ahrefs blog, digital marketing conferences, and on LinkedIn too.

6. Steve Toth


Steve is the founder and creator of SEOnotebook, which voted as one of the best marketing newsletters according to Ahrefs.

For aspiring SEOs, Steve's newsletters are a goldmine.

He shares his expertise here on LinkedIn too.

7. Sam Underwood


Sam is an E-commerce SEO specialist. He loves to write about technical SEO, JavaScript SEO, link building, content creation, etc.

He has been featured in reputable SEO sites like Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, etc.

Follow Sam Underwood on LinkedIn.

8. Simon Schnieders


Simon is the founder of the UK’s largest SEO agency - Blue Array SEO.

He loves sharing his SEO expertise on LinkedIn and at Blue Array SEO newsletters.

Follow Simon Schnieders on LinkedIn.

9. Mark Williams-Cook


Mark is the Founder of AlsoAsked [a keyword research tool].

He has over 16 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

I'm a fan of his unsolicited #SEO tips that he shares on LinkedIn.

10. Kristina Azarenko


Kristina is the SEO consultant and Founder of MarketingSyrup.

She's one of the few women shaping the SEO industry.

Her words,

I’m an SEO expert who is recognized by other SEO experts.

And that's so true.

Follow Kristina on LinkedIn.

11. Daniel Foley Carter


Daniel is the Director at Assertive, a London-based cloud marketing agency.

He shares highly data-driven and actionable SEO content on his LinkedIn profile.

[I was amazed by his recent work on his scooter website]

12. Liam Fallen


Liam is the technical SEO specialist.

I'm a huge fan of his humourous SEO content.

But he always has something unique to say about the industry.

Here's the proof of it.

13. Suganthan Mohanadasan


Suganthan is the Co-Founder of SEO consultancy - Snippet Digital.

He shares his SEO knowledge through various mediums such as LinkedIn posts, podcasts, etc.

Follow his work here.

14. Jackie Chu


Jackie Chu is Global SEO Lead at Uber.

She has in-depth knowledge in SEO for both B2B and B2C companies.

She specializes in technical and international SEO.

Check out Jackie Chu's LinkedIn profile here.

15. Greg Gifford


Greg is a Local SEO consultant and SEMrush academy instructor.

He talks about local SEO, search updates, keyword research, etc.

Check out Greg's profile here.

16. Ruth Everett


Ruth is also another tech SEO expert.

She loves talking, writing, and teaching about data-driven technical SEO strategies.

Check out Ruth's profile here.

17. Ryan Darani


Ryan is a freelance SEO consultant who passionate about SEO, digital PR, and content creation.

He's active on LinkedIn sharing his SEO expertise and result-oriented strategies.

18. Andrew Holland


Andrew was the police turned SEO Specialist and Content Marketer.

Yes, that's so true!

He owns an internet marketing company, helping his clients to get more search traffic. In the meantime, he writes about SEO tips and strategies on LinkedIn.

19. Joe Williams


Joe is an expert SEO trainer and CEO at Tribe SEO.

He talks about technical SEO topics like page speed optimization.

His recent webinar on Google's Page Experience update was a huge hit.

Follow Joe on LinkedIn.

20. Dave Davies


Dave brings 19 years of SEO experience to the table.

He enjoys what he does.

He shares his expertise on LinkedIn.

Phew! That's a long list.

These are people that I admire.

No matter where and who you learn SEO from, please try to apply them.

Implementation matters in SEO!

P.S: I'm thinking of adding more SEO experts to the list. So please subscribe to stay updated.

Thanks for reading!